JUPITER, MARS and METEOR − quality without compromise

WALTER machines are used for the fully automated manufacture of sweet wafers, ice cream wafers, snack wafers, wafer rolls, wafer cups and Monaka wafers. We offer a selection of over 50 different oven variations together with the matching components depending on the product and customer wishes.


Our JUPITER baking machines produce sweet wafers, such as industrial ice cream wafers, natural edge wafers, rolls and wafer cups. Snack wafers can also be made on a JUPITER machine.


The JUPITER A sugar cone baking machines facilitate the fully automated production of wafer products in small and medium capacities.


The JUPITER C series consists of a variety of high-capacity wafer baking ovens with production capacities ranging from approx. 7,000 wafer cones per hour up to approx. 20,000 rolled sugar cones per hour.

MARS Plants

The Monaka wafer is a traditional part of Asian culture. Two wafer shells put together create a shape that can be filled with ice cream or a flavoured filling. Thanks to the vast range of different shapes that can be made and the fact that they can be filled with almost anything, the Monaka wafer is also attractive for other markets. Our MARS machines are capable of producing Monaka wafers fully automatically and at a high rate.

MARS Plants

The MARS C machines for manufacturing bowls and snack wafer cups are designed for capacities of ca. 9,000 to ca. 20,000 items per hour depending on the recipe and dimensions.


WALTER also offers you innovative snack solutions. The new METEOR systems produce baked chips for demanding customers and our JUPITER systems are not only suitable for sweet wafer products, but also savoury wafers.


The METEOR line combines proven solutions of the JUPITER C technology with tailor-made technology particularly for the snacks sector. The special baking process provides tasty products with low-fat content.

Other Products in our Portfolio

In addition to our baking machines, we also offer various dough blending systems and special components that, thanks to the modular construction of our products, can be readily integrated. Moreover, we can also supply used machinery on demand.